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auricforecas Oct 19, 2019 11:19am | Post# 41

Excellent thread. By the way R:R 1:5 is ok. Try explaining 1:20+ to them. Cheers
SHORT: do not explain, show (first) and get (free) money! You want big money, job, be CEO? Just get me 5 of those 1:20+ in a row, with good certainity (we are talking TP40+ right?)... and "name it"...

LONG(ER): Hi man. Saw someone liked my post (not you of course) and saw your post that is most probably directed to me.. But please see it positive...
I have been looking for people (through the summer) that would join the group effort for us to SLAM some serious profits with this burners... BTW I have done
1:20+ before.. just not recently... My primary trading markets (at the time of those 2 threads) were not moving that much, but I did it before, when 1000+ PIPS were actually possible (in eurusd) within month (or two).. and 200PIP were nothing unusual..

However I was searching for traders that could do some TP20SL20 (RR 1:1) in a row (or better of course).. but basically didn't find anyone that would want to contribute the "signals"... that would be of course timestamped... But many replied, subscribed, voted, sent me private PM... This shows you it is not EASY... I have given quite many signals of those... Still looking for someone that would like to join the effort, because we won't need many trades in a row.. to get some serious money, out from rather small deposit... I Also gave signals (and wanted other to share also) in SINGLE STRIKE thread (RR 1:5+).. Why called that? Because I know how hard that is... And I have seen your TE.. you should know how many accounts you blew to get there and you are trying not to touch it now (maybe)... which might be a good thing... That's why I call it SINGLE STRIKE.. Many also got to there but then BLOW it in another trade.... But for my more general trading... I mainly do LONGER-TERM trading (but still like those burners on the SIDE... since we can roll 100-1000USD deposit(s) to insane levels).. see example of 3 month (22JUN19-22SEP19) consistent prediction overview here... or graphic one, 25JUL-19-25OCT19, so still in play... made latest review here... BTW my published (longer-term) TE that has published 43%+ return, is 200%+ in reality (check it's journal.. it is calculated lower due to re-deposits, or check from tradelist)... So hope you see I'm not a bull..

So if you/anyone would like to participate in this 1:1+, 1:5+, 1:20+ or whatever... Please do so, so we can all get big money out of this... You do not need to contribute anything, just signals, I will take care of the deposit(s), you just provide signals.. (not many needed) and watch money rain... I might soon (in November) group/redirect those TP20SL20 and SINGLE STRIKE threads into one combined... I just have to wait which market would be most appropriate for this... Just after this mess (fed, ecb, brexit) gets through and we shall see where we stand after 31OCT19... Am currently in WTI OIL and GOLD also...

So if anyone would like to join, PLEASE DO... I don't care where or how you get it, just get it...
Barry et all.. WELCOME to make some good money, if that is what you are here for anyway... Otherwise, sorry to disturbed any of you. No hard feelings If you want money, contact me, for anything else... j-off to trading fantasy etc... daddy hunt... other threads/traders might be better

BTW this Risk:Reward is one of the most misunderstood thing in forex and I do not have time/energy to re-explain it over and over again.. It sure does work by trade.. it is obvious it PRESERVES good in case of BAD trade... but in the overall picture... the result maybe similar to black swan in martingale... Even one of the most popular guru here doesn't dare to trade not even within 1:1.. cause he would be WIPED soon... His "edge" is to EXPOSE 200PIPs+ to get a few pips, so he appears to be profitable (until bust).. virtually... and when the trades go south, he switches/ditches the account

Ok, I'm done, the ones that got it, got it.. The ones that do not want to... won't even If I waste 5000pages... Some people just don't (like) change(s)...

Sorry for another post but (unless OP) want's for me to contribute, won't hijack the thread.. Just responded to his... I already explained... See before posts...

And I believe I bring value or at least preserve it.. since many were lead to the shearer or worse (by many gurus).. but maybe they like it and who am I to prevent them... Done talking... BRING the juice ppl... so we can make money.. Tried to explain but doubt I changed much.. If you want money, WELCOME... POST the juice!

P.S. Will respond only to DIRECT money talks, done with this philosophy, if you didn't get it by now... You are also welcome to join my future combined TP20SL20, SINGLE STRIKE style thread where we will try to STRIKE some good SIDE money, from small deposit(s)...

WhipsawRob Oct 19, 2019 2:46pm | Post# 42

I miss being a part of the community so I thought I would start this thread to maybe hang out with some of my old friends and see where it goes.
Barry! Great thread! Kevin here, I'm not sure if you remember me or not. I was in your NY conferences for over a year, right up until you left. I really hated to see you leave. Seeing your analysis each morning really helped me progress as a trader. After you left, I became a part of Navin's team, and for reason's I will not get into here, I decided it was time for me to leave as well.

I'd love to talk with you but I'm not seeing a way to send you a private message here, perhaps my post count is too low. We communicated through FB over a year ago, so we could use that platform if need be, please reach out to me if you get a chance.

Happy Trading

eljames1807 Oct 19, 2019 7:28pm | Post# 43

first of all thank you for this excellent thread and urge you to move forward and thus be able to take advantage of the knowledge that we retailers need because almost all of us rely on indicators so we can not be profitable in time.
Keep going brother
ignore the NECES

Cools81 Oct 19, 2019 8:46pm | Post# 44

False alarm. Macd/rsi/fib/indi user.

Macd-rsi Oct 19, 2019 8:47pm | Post# 45

I support you. well-knowledge thread.

Macd-rsi Oct 19, 2019 8:51pm | Post# 46

Truth #6
“Stop using indicators, Master the basics

I wrote too much about basics, especially that related to the essence of forex market, mathematical calculations.
some of them here:

any newbie or even advanced, should understand first why prices is "as it is now"
what is pip value? ho to be calculated?
margin calculations?
P/L calculations?
market prime-driving events?

LloydOz Oct 20, 2019 4:30am | Post# 47

I don't know what a pip is.

Harry6 Oct 24, 2019 12:27pm | Post# 48


today's quote:

Success is simply a matter of luck........

Ask any failure

KeenPips Oct 24, 2019 12:37pm | Post# 49

Only failures will believe that. Just fold your arms and wait for mother luck.


And................ today's quote: Success is simply a matter of luck........ Ask any failure

Abe16 Oct 24, 2019 7:28pm | Post# 50

Only failures will believe that. Just fold your arms and wait for mother luck. KP {quote}
Mother luck? Nothing to do with profitable trading. Might as well go to the Roulette table. LOL.

KeenPips Oct 24, 2019 7:40pm | Post# 51

Exactly your quote.


{quote} Mother luck? Nothing to do with profitable trading. Might as well go to the Roulette table. LOL.

Harry6 Oct 31, 2019 8:04am | Post# 52

THE quote for the end of this week in October

When you want to change you encounter an overwhelming force of Resistance,

which manifests itself in many ways - sabotage/self-destructive/depression/anger/revenge etc. behavior -

and is directly proportional to the magnitude of the change you are trying to make......


So if you want to shine in the 5% elite of the consistently succeeding wealthy forex traders, expect massive resistance of your un/subconscious.

I am still struggling >12 years and +100K loss.......

And for me it is worth the price to pay.......

Mundo Dec 1, 2019 4:05pm | Post# 53

Only failures will believe that. Just fold your arms and wait for mother luck. KP {quote}
So if I believe in this does that make me a...mother lucker...

KeenPips Dec 1, 2019 4:16pm | Post# 54

Simply put, success is more than luck.

Trade safe.


{quote} So if I believe in this does that make me a...mother lucker...

auricforecas Dec 2, 2019 3:24pm | Post# 55

What happened with thread started? Scared to post? Cover=blown? Or what... Hope he wasn't that soft/hurt, because that alone would say much... Buy anyway, as soon as someone mentions "truths" in trading.. he is either BILLIONAIRe or BUST I myself can estimate of what might not work... with a high probability... Can not say what could... but what is very unlikely... But wouldn't post "truths" about anything by any stretch of imagination... So when someone is mentioning "truths"... all BELLS are ON... There are only probabilities... at best... or as some say... ONLY CHOICES Also.. if ONE would be able to DERIVE one truth/constant.. he would GET the EDGE that could make him BUMP->BILLIONAIRE in a WEEK... MONTH tops... I have presented this... just tp20, 22 times in a row, with(in) R:R 1:1.. out of 250USD down... And some say TP20 is nothing, yeah.. and some/same say R:R 1:1 is nothing, yeah... Those two together, not many times in a row.. Are EVERYTHING The best one can hope for is for some system/strategy/rule/whatever to work SOME of the time (chaotic)... But if anyone is selling "TRUTHS".. that is a DEAD GIVEAWAY...

Nice clips btw.. Specially after 1m57s

Inserted Video

Butterscotch Dec 2, 2019 9:25pm | Post# 56

Experience is the best teacher and practice really do make perfect as I learnt it and not that alone but I put it into right use until date. Its possible to be consistently profitable.

dany2019 Dec 5, 2019 5:21am | Post# 57

Absolutely. That the most important thing for a newbie. Practising will surely make you a successful trader one day. So even when markets are closed, keep practising and learning.

srfpl Feb 7, 2020 1:50am | Post# 58

hi everyone,

pipoholic1 or anyone,
care to share the know how as detail as possible for the following:
other than buying news, signals, updates etc from experts etc, social media of influential personnel etc
but more of where and how to learn this skills

  1. how the big player move their money
  2. what bigger player is doing in the long run
  3. knowing what my big player is doing and at what point in their process they are at
  4. how the big player thinks
  5. etc mentioned in this thread related to real time momentum and price action trading


Bbkd Feb 9, 2020 6:07am | Post# 59

Great insight into trading so far Pipaholic. I for one very much appreciate this thread, and so far it verifies my understandings and looking forward to more truths in the future.

ZakMorton Feb 20, 2020 6:41am | Post# 60

Good, thanks for the effort

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